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The athlete of the century is slain on golf’s biggest stage. Terror engulfs the world as the mysterious killer remains on the loose. Going by the alias Slayer, the cunning psychopathic murderer torments the authorities with threats to continue the bloodshed of other beloved celebrities.

Classified surveillance video clips from a US aerial drone dating back to the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom left at the murder scenes add yet another layer of mystery to an already baffling investigation. Following an ever-growing trail of deceit and corruption, FBI Special Agent Peter Black and longtime partner Vince Costello uncover secrets that put the security of the United States and it’s allies in doubt.

From the serene greens of Augusta National Golf Club to the bright lights and glamour of Hollywood, it becomes clear that no one is safe, not even those with secret service protection. In an attempt to crack the case and capture the killer’s attention, Peter goes on prime-time television to discuss the investigation with the world. This risky attempt puts him at the epicenter of the case in a race against time and forces him to unravel the mysteries before a catastrophe of unthinkable proportions is ignited. 



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